Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Burger

I'll be honest. Burgers are one of my favorite things to talk about. There will probably be more than one post about them...including a wish list of the places I still need to visit. I actually have a list. It exists. Over half of the places on there are burger places.

There are so many amazing places to get burgers in New York. My friends and I frequent Shake Shack, Black Shack, and Joy Burger Bar. These places are all great, but every once in awhile I come across a place where the burger impacts my soul to the core and I can't stop thinking about my next visit.

First off: The Smith

The Smith is a restaurant in the East Village serving a wide array of delicious American food. They have a burger deluxe on the menu which is what I ordered the first time there. I have to say I will probably never try anything else....ever. I am so sold on this burger I think I am ready to commit to it being my favorite. Maybe not the best, but my favorite. Melted white cheddar covering the beef...bacon...lettuce...tomato...mayo..onions..secret sauce...on a brioche bun. For $15 you get the burger which comes with a great amount of fries.

3rd Ave between 10th and 11th street
Reservations recommended

Next up: Dumont

In the lovely neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, lies two locations where you can find this burger. One is a burger joint, the other is an actual restaurant with a full menu. The burger here is very satisfying. At the burger joint you have the option to get a 5oz ($9.50) or 8oz ($12.50) burger while at the restaurant only the 8oz is available. Fries, onion rings or green salad available to accompany this thicker patty. Also, the Mac and cheese is more than delightful!

Dumont Restaurant
432 Union Ave
North Side-Williamsburg

Dumont Burger
314 Bedford Avenue
South Side-Williamsburg

And Lastly: Bill's Bar and Burger

Located just a block from my job, it took me a long time to realize it was even there. I went here one night when the Olympics were still on and they had a nice screen propped on the wall for us to watch while we dined. These burgers reminded me of the perfect burger at a summer BBQ. Sesame seed bun, flatter patty, melted american cheese. Menu included different toppings and burger themes ranging from $6-$9. Not badly priced, although it doesn't include sides.

22 9th Ave, Meatpacking District

The Pastrami Sandwich

I just went to This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef on Saturday in the East Village. Since the taste of the pastrami sandwich is still on my tongue, I see it fitting to share my thoughts on it.

Keep in mind that I have never tried the pastrami at Carnegie Deli, Katz's or 2nd Avenue Deli. I know, shocking, I just never got around to it. Let me tell you about this sandwich....

Hot pastrami on rye...falling to pieces and melting in your mouth...seasoned to perfection..spicy mustard...coleslaw....STOP. Coleslaw?? On the sandwich?? YEP!! I am not the craziest lover of coleslaw but there was a nice amount of it on the sandwich to make it just a little bit different.

Now this place obviously has a couple roast beef sandwiches, hence the title, but they do not touch the pastrami. $10 will get you a bit closer to heaven.

This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef
1st Ave between 9th and 10th street
Open til 4am, No seating, Cash only

Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's Talk About Food

...well, after all, that is why this blog has been started. I, Briana, have a deep love for food. This love traces back to the womb...I'm sure of it. I have early memories of sitting in my room fantasizing about a magical wall attached to my room that would produce any food I wanted at any moment. Most of the time, I wanted pizza to come through that wall.

This love only progressed. I have fond memories of eating my whole lunch in High School that my mom packed me, then proceeding to eat everyone else's leftovers at my table. Then I would eat the soup my friend's boyfriend wouldn't even touch. Working in restaurants was a blessed curse as you can imagine.

Over the years, and many stomach aches later, I've tried to expose myself to as much food as possible without breaking my body...or my wallet. I moved to New York City, where I have to say, my love of food has been more than satisfied. I've learned to scope out places and find hidden gems without spending a fortune. After 3 years, I've decided it's time to spend awhile in Los Angeles. Different side of the country, different food.

This blog will cover all my favorite food in New York, soon to be favorites in LA and everything else in the middle and beyond. Come back often, I may give you an idea for dinner tonight.