Monday, October 4, 2010

Kogi Korean BBQ truck, Los Angeles

I swear on my life that I will never love any other burrito. Ever. As my trip took me to LA, a friend of mine suggested we find this Korean BBQ truck that he so dearly loved. Sure, why not. I wasn't overly amped since I've had my fair share of street meat. It's definitely good, but I wouldn't blog about it normally.

He found the truck's location for the next few hours and we hopped over there. There was a pretty decent line and we were starving. It was recommended I get the Short Rib burrito and my friend got the special quesadilla of the day. First bite in and BAM! Nothing I've ever had before. I've had so many different types of seasoned food but this flavor knocked me off my feet. I was not expecting it. Each bite I took I tasted a different Korean/Thai/Mexican dish. One bite was like Pad Thai...another like Beef Pad See Ew.

I still think about this burrito and it is my mission to find something close to it here in Salt Lake. To find the truck's location per day visit: Also, on the down low they also serve their food at the Alibi Room in Culver City.

Alibi Room
12236 W Washington Blvd

Arthur Bryant's Barbeque, Kansas City, MO

I'll be honest. Thinking about this place again makes my heart hurt. Believe me, I enjoyed myself here and I'd recommend it to anyone passing through Kansas City. However, you will eat an entire cow while you're there. I even had so much leftover I refused to throw it away and therefore allowed it to travel with us and may have permanently left a meaty smell behind in my car.

Kansas City locals are a huge fan of Arthur Bryant's. How could they not be? It's everything a meat lover could ask for and certainly gave my stomach a run for it's money. I'm making it sound bad but you do get a lot of food for what you pay which of course is a good thing. Between us we got the beef, sausage and burnt ends. The meat you choose gets covered in BBQ sauce and placed on little tiny pieces of white bread. If you are into french fries they are also incredible and worth the extra roll around your stomach.

Not too far from here are some great jazz museums to check out if you are looking for a walk afterwards.

1727 Brooklyn Avenue

Monell's, Nashville, TN

Continuing on our cross country adventure, we decided to stop in Nashville in hopes to experience only the finest southern cooking. We found the right place. Monell's is a restaurant inside of a house purchased for I'm guessing that reason: To feel at home.

You walk in and see a number of large tables situated between the two dining rooms. The waitress sends you to a table where you are seated with complete strangers. As you mingle a bit, discussing where you've come from and where you're headed, bowl after bowl of different kinds of food are delivered to your table to be passed around and shared family style. Everything you could imagine.. mashed potatoes, fried chicken, grilled chicken, pork, sweet tea, corn on the cob, peach cobbler, collard greens, biscuits and gravy and then some.

Not only was it delicious but it was different and I was glad we had the chance to stop there.

1235 6th Avenue North