Saturday, May 28, 2011

BURGERS!! (part 2)

Back to my favorite topic in life: The Hamburger. That meaty sandwich concocted by the Gods themselves. Or Satan. But who cares?

One of the perks of being in Utah is unlimited access to In-N-Out. The Double Double animal style for $3.40? A thousand times OMG yes. However, I have found a few spots I've been to more than once and I'll gladly share them. They may not be the best burger I've ever had but they're still incredibly dream worthy.

#1 Smashburger

"Smashy" is a chain so you can find it off most highway exits. Not just a burger place, the menu also offers different chicken sandwiches, salads and desserts. I recommend the Beehive burger. It comes with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar and haystack onions. Burgers range from $6-$8, not including fries. If you're feeling a steal, get the kids Smashburger meal. $3.99 for a smaller burger, fries and a drink.

#2 Salt City Burger

I just had this burger last night so I'm still burping up the taste. I don't even care how gross that sounds. Co-workers of mine told me about this place and how they cook bacon into the patty. Sold. Say no more. They have a few specialty burgers, but you can always build your own. You can even throw pastrami, avocado and blue cheese all over it. I got the regular bacon burger with cheddar and bbq sauce. The other burger ordered at my table was topped with pastrami, carmelized onions, bacon and cheese. The first bite of a burger is always my favorite. It was so delicious I'm glad it's not extremely close to where I live. There are two locations. Pictured is the Fajita burger.

9176 S. Village Shop Drive

401 West 500 South

#3 Guzzi's Vintage Burgers and Fries

Fortunately for me, Guzzi's lives nearby and it's the real deal. No culinary arrogance here. You walk in, they have about 5 different burgers on the menu which include fries. I believe it's still a rather new establishment, having been a nasty bar before. What you get is a totally rocking burger. I first tried the Classic followed by the Blue Bacon burger for my next visit. OMG. You know how sometimes you are at loss for words about something so the only thing you can do is tell someone to try it themselves? That's what's happening here.

180 E 800 S

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