Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ming's Garden, SLC

The Chinese food I am used to usually comes from a hole in the wall that badly needs to be scrubbed down with bleach. It blows my mind that the food still tastes incredible while being birthed from a place that reminds me of the dirty fingers of a homeless man. I am completely content with King Food's $5.50 General Tso's lunch special (comes with egg roll and rice!) but it wasn't until Ming's Garden I came to understand that Chinese food could actually come in a higher quality.

The only way I found Ming's was when I moved literally right next to it. In fact, I believe I ate there the night I moved in. I ordered the General Tso's and I'm pretty confident that I was definitely eating real chicken. Another surprise? It came loaded with a ton of great veggies. I didn't feel like I'd have to do extra TaeBo the next day. I ate there again last week and we all got the Cream Cheese Wontons. Oh dang.

Although I'll always love my dirty chinese food places, this is one that must be had!

3640 South Highland Drive

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